A phrase said before preparing to engage in a competitive event.
Ryu sat down after winning the fight. When Ken's name was announced for the next match, he stood up, winked at Ryu, and said with a grin, "GAME ON!"
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003
Top Definition
1. A phrase said between people before a competitive event. Usually followed by Giving Skin.
2. A British comedy much loved by many people.
1. You're going down. Game On.
2. "Help! I've got my knob stuck in the vacuum."
by Kip Stevens April 22, 2004
What is said by people who think they can do better at something than somebody else.
Mike: I can run fater than you.
George: No you can't.
Mike: Game on.
by whenbettercomes August 10, 2012
An amazing man who enjoys playing video games and loves his real life girlfriend very much but not as much as she loves him
Awww, her boyfriend is such a gameon!
by lkizzle July 23, 2012
super busy
It's been game on since I got to the office this morning.
by coloradoeyes April 15, 2010
1. Affirmative statement
"Did your interview go well?"
by Showstopper February 18, 2005
1:A phrase uttered whenever a hot girl walks past
2:A phrase used to initiate a game of COD
*Hannah walks past*
by Pat Man May 07, 2005
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