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Someone who makes stupid threads.
Game Freak makes dumb threads.
by NotTheLie February 17, 2010
a gaMER WHO loves to play the game of the area( xbox 360 ,ps2,ps3, wii) a person who playes the game to much
you a game freak get off the sticks
by shoegilles June 18, 2008
The act of obtaining a tactical nuke in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 while getting oral (a blow job).
Dude last night i gamefreaked, dude im going to gamefreak tonight.
by seabass470 September 16, 2010
1.A Person or individual that is obsessed with playing CARD,BOARD,VIDEO, or COMPUTER games. Such a Individual is MOST often incomptent at other tasks besides playing games.

::Gamefreak is Often synonymous with LAMEFREAK
Boss: "you didn't do your work! all you know is games!"
Gamefreak: "Umm...No! you are!"
by b2c September 28, 2006
when chris angel plays videogames
"i am a gamefreak, game freak!"
by tedder March 05, 2008