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Gambit: Refers to your boner, however not just any boner. Your wood must be a raging pulsating industrial sized boner, only then is it up to the level of Gambit.
"I have such a raging hard Gambit right now its about to explode!"
by Gambit_The_Cat November 03, 2009
Totally badass X-Man of Cajun decent.

Adopted into the Thieves Guild of New Orleans as a child, Remy LeBeau become a master thief. He also learned several forms of hand-to-hand combat, including the use of a bo staff, and can throw many different types of objects with deadly accuracy.

After being forced to flee the Thieves Guild, Gambit eventually met long-time X-woman Storm, who sponsored his memebership into the X-Men.

Gambit wears a trenchcoat, breastplate, and high metal boots. His mutant abilities include enhanced agility, the ability to charge objects with an unknown form of explosive energy, and discolored eyes which are black with red pupils. He always carries several decks of playing cards for charging and throwing as weapons. He also carries a long metal bo staff and a bag full of skeleton keys.

Gambit has had a long-standing relationship with Rogue, another member of the X-Men. Recently, both she and Gambit lost their powers in a fight with inter-dimensional invaders.
Gambit may not be the most powerful X-Man, but he's certainly the coolest.
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
1. Chess. an opening in which a player seeks to obtain some advantage by sacrificing a pawn or piece.
2. any maneuver by which one seeks to gain an advantage.
"Man, I thought you had him when you were picking off all his guys, but he was just running a gambit on your ass."

"O.K., we're loosing this battle, unless we do something quick we're all going to be killed. We need to run a gambit on them. Half of us are going to flank thier rear."
by Russel Dicks October 26, 2007
An X-Men deprived of sex because he can't touch his woman. Or he die.
"Gambit needs some lovin' too."
by bluesonic115 September 21, 2009
The skin connecting your balls to your thigh.

The area in between the side of your scrotum and your thigh (inside, at the top)
"Man, my Grundle is sweaty, but my gambit really stinks"

"Bitch, stop licking my Grundle, and lick my gambit!"
by Quelude April 20, 2009