1. Hardly used name. Mostly found in East- Europe.

2. Galo refered to someone with an exciting life and great posibilities in life.

3. Galo, A god worshiped in the ancient times. Galo was known for his power among his people. When he battled for his throne he killed 2 kings and got assasined 4 times himself and survived all those attacks, What made him God for many people.

4. Galo, Reference for coolness among youth. Galo is the kind of kid everyone wants to be.

5. Galo, Superiority among others. Galo is often used as an expression for Superiority and power.

6. Galo was in the old days a common name for the children of kings and other importent people. Citizens that named their child Galo often got executed for disgrasing the name. Only high powerd and importent people are called Galo, even these days.
Galo the king of peru and south egypt
by Marine Shamberts April 19, 2005
Top Definition
The game Halo, mixed with gay = Galo.

Main point to express negative feelings toward the game, and calling itself 'gay'.

Sheniqwah: 0mg, h1!!! w4nn4 pl4y s0m3 hal0?!

TeeNEESHA: r0flr0flr0flr0flr0fl, y0u nub play "Galo"!!!! I will m3rxd you!!!

Sheniqwah: Nigga!
by FalconxXxFaith April 20, 2008
Pronounced- Gay-loe
Origin -Somalia
Area Heard most frequently- Canada, England, Minnesota US

This word can be directly translated as pot, weed,cannabis used in sentence it has a very smooth vocal fluidity and is not recognized by those not of Somali culture or friends with one so great for concealment.

Here's how i first encountered this word when i was young and living in a suburban community i had living and renting the large corridors of my apartment many cultures Somalians being the majority, one stook out and we became good friends him and my brothers. Heres how they would sound when they would use the word to hide from police officers or informants who may be listening in or just in places of judicial punishing possibilities.

In sentence
" Athi Athi cool Do you got that Gay-Loe tho?"
" Safe Safe, im getting that galo friday are you coming over"
"The galo is safe"
by artifacts June 04, 2014
1. Slang for any "noob" who likes to play Halo or Halo 2 or Halo 3.

2. AKA "Halo" the unimaginably unrealistic "futuristic" game that noobs play.
Galo is soooo unrealistic, I mean 500 years in the future and we are still shooting bullets, and driving warthogs???? Give me a break.
by my precious October 05, 2007
A person who is normally good at halo. They own people at most things and are amazing.
Bro my friend galo is the shit.
by guitarmainiac1000 July 10, 2008

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