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When you go into a grocery store and grab two two gallon jugs of some sort of liquid. Then pretend to trip while either smashing the gallons to the ground, throwing it into the air, or a combination. Then when you try to get up pretend or actually slip in the liquid and continue to fall.

More fun then the Harlem shake
"Hey bro, lets go gallon smashing!"
by Mcb2223 February 22, 2013
An internet trend that revolves around going to a supermarket and smashing gallons of milk on the floor, pretending you dropped them by accident. Then you must pretend you slipped in the milk, to shock innocent bystanders. It is all usually filmed from a shopping cart, discretely. You get bonus points if you pretend to slip and slide in the milk when someone tries to help you up.
10 points = went gallon smashing
20 points = made a huge mess
30 points = pretended to slip over in milk
40 points = got a reaction out of a fellow shopper
50 points = pretend to be unable to stand up straight due to slippiness of milk on supermarket floor.
by swag_sawg December 22, 2013
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