The act of having sex with a female, then after you cum you lay on top of her, shit on her stomach. Then you take your hand and slap her stomach has hard as you can. it is in regards to the imfamous comedian who used to smash fruit with hammers which then splattered all over the audience.
I shit all over that chick and then did a Gallagher all over her room.
by tj spaulding May 30, 2009
walking like a duck, making your hair sway side to side while you walk. Also, laughing like a crazy person. (PAHOHAHOHAHOHAHOHAHO) And if you are in a verbal fight, answer with the words, k whatever k, whatever, k bye, whatever, k.

bob: wow thats a definite Gallagher, she's got the hair swaying and crazy laugh!

by lawlzzzzzzzzzzzz June 20, 2009
A person who rats out another individual or group of people
That Gallagher told the teacher we cheated on that test
by Haiku Ninja March 01, 2007
A ginger guy who's into back alley gay orgies
I hate going down that alley, so many Gallagher's there
by Lawrence Smith May 23, 2008

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