The area between either your vagina or penis and your anus. Otherwise known as a 'taint'.
"If you don't give me some doritos you're going to get punched in the Galf."
by Terry Devore May 04, 2007
Top Definition
The part of one's anatomy that is located twixt your ass crack and your ball sack/vagina.

Be careful not to expose your galf to too many strangers. The wrong one might end in a disaster. ... GALF.
by SCL&KSM October 08, 2011
A person who argues every fact, says things that nobody wants to hear, and often goes weeks without going to the bathroom.
Justin: I had a galf in my class today that tried to tell me that the color black, was actually the color white
Mark: What'd you do about it?
Justin: I spat on him
by JEB93 December 12, 2010
a retarded fool who makes idiotic remarks. the stater of obvious things or make mistakes on well know things.

Also known as reese or kelso desise.
the suns is bright
cars go fast on the highway
blue and yellow make blellow
by jordain December 02, 2004
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