One who constantly rolls well in dice-based role-playing games. Often an implication of cheating.
"I've rolled four 20s in a row!"
"You go, Galactus."
by Steve H. March 18, 2005
Top Definition
A character is Marvel comics that wields the Power Cosmic, oft said to be the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. He spends his time using his God-like powers to devour planets in order to feed his massive body and the energy it requires. Standing from 50-1000 feet tall depending on differing accounts, and weighing in at 250 tons, Galactus is considered nearly invincible due to his god like powers.
civilian 1: dude, who is that in Times Square?
Civilian 2: Galactus, the great world devourer.
Civilian 1: we're fucked.
by Mr.Cthulu September 22, 2008
a guy with big dick.galactus is a huge planet eater .therefore calling someone galactus, implies that he has a big planet eating dick.
yo guys check out galactus....

i heard his dick so big , it blocks the sunlight from earth


yup ....guess who poked the hole in the ozone layer??

shhh dun tell nobody
by galactus@sas January 13, 2010
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