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the best gang ever. consits of ten main people with fantabulous powers used for comical entertainment. there are eight side memebers of the galacta gang. to join galacta gang, you must be able to shoot fire out of your nose.
Dweeb: Hey can I join the galacta gang?
Galacta Gang memeber: Are you fantabulous?
Dweeb: I think so.
G.G. Member: I think you thought wrong. Do you have a super power?
Dweeb: I can pick my nose.
G.G. Member: Is that fire out of your nose? No, I don't think so. That means in your world Galacta Gang doesn't and will never exist.
Dweeb: Butterfingers. I guess I'll go be dweebish in that corner then.
by Jen007 April 19, 2006
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