To murder someone execution style, specifically in the back of the head or neck by gun or dagger.
Foo' went straight up mad dog... He started reachin' fo my Big Mac so I gak'd the boy right there. What? he thought I would'nt gak a mofo? I ain't nobody's McBitch.. So I said "Hold these foo' and took out ma chrome an' put some gak in dat dome" Sheet, Not like I had no choice 'bout it"...

Yo, Word out to my Brotha's "Peace! - Spicy Mac King of the almighty Biatch...
by Mark Manzer January 13, 2007
Top Definition
1.)To own people beyond belief | 2.)To be the biggest G on the planet. | 3.) the best pker on Runescape.
1.) Oh shit son, you got Gak'd the fuck out. | 2.) Dude that dawg is a Gak | 3.) Gak Swift0 is legend.
by RobQ April 27, 2009
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