Gajoobie is the goods mans. If you got the gajoobie in the do, that's the goods.
Gajoobie machine. I made a stand, put out my hand, and the gajoobie, was in the do.
by Stazn March 20, 2004
Top Definition
The science of developing an invincible and tireless love muscle. This form of yoga requires that the adept supports his entire body with his erect penis. Lying face down, the yogi springs full wood thrusting his body upward into the air. Experienced gajoobie yogis are capable of remaining suspended on their trembling members for hours on end. Some will spin around in a dervish-like revery of penile ecstasy.
I have been practicing gajoobie for 12 years, my penis has developed astounding strength.
by Gajoobie Joe July 03, 2012
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