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Local skate term for the hell hole known as Gainesville, Georgia. It is full of dumbass police that will arrest you for skating.
Skater 1: "Hey man, let's go skate the square in Gainesvegas."

Skater 2: "Fuck no, man. The pigs crawl all over that place."

Skater 1: "Fuck Gainesville City, let's skate."
by Sonny Perdue July 25, 2008
1. The nickname for any and every town called Gainesville. Most notably Gainesville, FL.

2. A tumblr party blog.
FRAT BOY: Did yall see that post on Gainesvegas?

SORORITY GIRL: That dumb cat blog? You read that?
FRAT BOY: Cat blog?
by chuan lang November 16, 2011