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Prounounced Gag-shags
When a girl is giving a guy a blow job and ends up gagging on his penis thus resulting in a gagshag.
Gagshags happens when multiple girls give a blow job to the same guy and all of them end up gagging resulting in a gagshags
did you hear that 4 girls have gagged on Josh's dick? yeah he gagshags them all the time.
Joe and Courtney had a gagshag last night
by hotpink June 28, 2010
a situation where during a 3sum, usually MFM. One male has sex with the female while the other male puts his penis in her mouth and gags her. ie. gag & shag.
BOB: "Dude i heard you and John gagshagged Jessica last night"
TOM: "Yeah, that whore loves the gagshag."
by BFFSFOREV May 12, 2009