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To have have someone, particularly an old man, excessivly squeez your arm, sholder, butt, or any body part to the point where it almost looks like molestation.
Hey man look at what Brother John is doing to Billy.
Oh man, he's been gaffed.
by Dave and Kieran October 21, 2004
Fucking something up big time; having come so close to achieving your goal, only to fall short of it
Gavin almost won the tennis game against Jack. But he's gaffed it again.
by RT Mavin February 10, 2013
To be ripped off, taken for a ride, hooked liked a big fish. Derrived from a long fishing pole called a gaff which has a hook on the end.
Have you seen Steve's new car? He got gaffed when he bought that one.

Hey I sold that boat and geve the guy a severe gaffing over it.
by Ferret March 21, 2005
Gaffing Gaffed - "getting off" with somebody at a party/gathering and having sex, poking or a blow job but never speaking again. Scottish slang used mostly in Paisley and the South Side of Glasgow.
Did you know that Ben gaffed Susan at Sandys party?
by Meggypeggy5672 January 02, 2015
Past tense form of the word gaff; the uncontrolled cough exibited by a meth user directly following intravenious injection.
After shooting up the dope I scored upstairs last night I immeadiately "gaffed" and experianced a very intense euphoria.
by MerryChrismeth April 24, 2010
to be in a very high state
blonk was so gaffed he forgot his own birthday 2 years running
by happinessisi September 14, 2006
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