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A person who has an abundance of gadgets many of which create more of an inconvenience than convenience. This person will usually pay an exorbitant amount for a gadget/service to replace the burden of thinking about simple chores or using common sense.
1. "Sorry we missed your wedding, my gadget whore of a father followed his new GPS and drove us into a lake"

3. I cant believe that gadget whore Kaho Yelp'd my Church to see if it was any good.

4. a. "Did you see my new iWhatever!?! it has a built in navi, I can type my notes, and it even sync's my with my microwave!"

b."No wonder you're a virgin you gadget whore"

5. *roomates talking after a date*

a. "Yeah I know shes fat and ugly and smells like wet socks but she drives an LS430 with the new automatic parallel parking feature"
b. "You totally got gadget whored"
by chowpay July 06, 2009
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