Someone who makes each moment you're in his presence count! In a room full of people he easily captures your attention. He's spontaneous and fun. Always ready for the next adventure. He's out to find the truth in life and if you happen to meet him along this journey you can count yourself lucky. He's down for most anything if it's exciting and provides a thrill. As a people loving extrovert, he always provides his friends with live entertainment. As an intense observer, he's always watching and observing what's going on around him even when you think he isn't. Friendship, family and love are serious to him and if he considers you in his circle you have someone who will lay his life down for you.
When you look back on your life and reflect on the really interesting moments that meant something you'll say, "Hey, Gabriel was there!"
by LavaPanther September 13, 2011
gabriel is the cutest person alive! he is super sweet , funny , and caring! he knows how to treat a girl right and make her feel really , really , really special!! he's also a great singer !
celine: your boyfriend really makes you happy!

natasha: that's becuase he's gabriel :)

celine: he seems great

natasha: he is! and i love his singing :)
total sex god. is excellent at swinging on ropes and has ridiculously strong arms. loves big houses owned by sexy girls. speaks many languages, loves mulan.
that guy was at the slut's house for like 7 hours, what a gabriel!
by wreathofroses44 September 24, 2011
He's calm, cool, and collected. He's hilarious and spells crap however he wants. Good-looking and extremely nice. Confident and smart. Is rarely called by his full name and finds it strange when people do call him by that. Has lived in multiple states and is of mystery descent. Don't bother asking where he's from, because you have to be extremely brainy to figure it out.
Girl 1: "Do you know Gabriel?"
Girl 2: "You mean Gabe?"
Girl 1: "Yes.... Gabe."
Girl 2: "OMG. YES. He's like soooo cool and nice."
Girl 1: "Yeah, I know..."
Girl 1: ~rolls eyes~
by madmackenzee July 12, 2011
Amazing. He is the boyfriend every girl lays awake at night dreaming about. Handsome, romantic, loyal. His smile radiates across a room, and his touch creates electricity wherever it goes. Normally has brown hair, and an lean attractive build, though not bulky. Loves to love and if your lucky enough to have him, he'll make you the happiest person in the world. He also extremely delightful in bed, and will make sure you feel good before he does.
Girl 1: Your dating Gabriel?!? OMG! *jealousy*
Girl 2: I know. *blushes* Don't know how it happened. But it's amazing.
by fairyfreak1423 August 24, 2011
He is the example of a real gentleman. He observes every little thing that happen around him. He can capture any girl in just one smile. His touch was like giving you some kind of mini-electricity. His eyes are brown. He speak with intelligence. He is smart. He is funny at the same time. His laugh is the very best music that ever made when you heard it. He respects everyone's opinion. He is a very responsible man. He's nice. He has this unbearable eyes when he stared at you. He always have this unreadable expressions in his face. He doesn't care bout what other people think of him. Sometimes when he's not in his mood he just so aloof and snob, but when it comes to the people whose important to him, he always give his smile as a greeting.
Gabriel: "What is that?"
Unknown: "I accidentally cut myself."
Gabriel: "Have you treat it already?"
Unknown: "Not yet."
Gabriel: "Come here, I'll do it for you."
by The "Unknown" December 07, 2011
a powerful surprise attack used in any video game, typically to end a match or fight
Just when I thought I was going to win, he hit me with a Gabriel
by gaburearu May 19, 2011
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