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A pairing in that is based of Naruto characters. Gaara being the seme and Naruto being the uke. These pairs can be shown in fanfics, pictures, peoms or Dôjinshi. It is not as common as the Sasuke/Naruto pair or the Lee/Gaara pair. But it's quickly becoming popular and makes perfect sence. Most people, when making fanfic's about this pair, make them fall in love in the fact that both of them are demon vessles and both know how hard it was knowing that everyone hated them.

The fanfictions and Dôjinshi can range from rated G - NC-17
Its so hard to find Gaara/Naruto pairings these days.

Gaara pushed Naruto on the bed and pinned him down, staring at those whide baby blue eyes...

Also see Sandy Dogs and Stupid Foxs in adultfanfiction.coma Gaara/Naruto crackfiction.
by Evil_Chibi_Gaara November 10, 2006

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