GA=Go Away
Child-Can you tie my shoe please?
You-NO! GA you little cunt.
by jucieylikeyourmum July 27, 2014
gay ass
Hunter Pierce yea judgement day my ass i slept all day just for it
Jessie James Womble III I Know right fucking dumb shit

Hunter Pierce gota cap who ever made that shit up
Jessie James Womble III Hell yea pop that Nigga in his "Ga"
by Tur7legfx May 21, 2011
Short for Gay Ass, Also the opposite of BA' badass", something that pisses you off, and /or something you dislike.
Dude, that biology test was so GA, i only got 2 questions right.

Look at that loser, he is so GA.

HAHA look at that GA car it is held together with duck tape.

by Raymaas15 April 27, 2009
A great ass
Oh! man look at the G.A man !
by Danzel August 24, 2008
means "give away"
guy "im gonna ga all my pr0n on 4chan"
by warezscene March 20, 2009
Gear.Aquisition.Syndrome - This problem plagues fishermen during the winter/ off season when they purchase tons of useless shit, because they cant get out and fish....
Bassmaster has gas (killer gas) but I have G.A.S, the gas station has gas, but Clammer has G.A.S,
Good ass stroke
Genesis: Man he got that G.A.S
Ciara: What's that?
Genesis: Thats that good ass stroke! He put it in my pussy and my back fucking broke.
by Genesis.ciara March 29, 2014

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