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A very gansta gnome.
*two people passing a lawn gnome*
Bob:"Man that nome is straight up G."
Carol:"danm straight, it be a G_nome!"
by dan q July 12, 2006
a very gansta or ghetto gnome
*Bob and Sue walk past a blinged out lawn gnome*

Bob: "Yo yo, check out that straight up gansta gnome."

Sue: "Word, son it be a G_nome"
by danny q July 12, 2006
G_nome is the ghetto variation of the biological word genome, which is a human's DNA sequence. The word is used mainly in the description of phat women and fly men who don't have to try to keep it gangsta. The term essentially means that one has fly-ness encoded in their DNA. There has also been a human G_nome project in which Micheal Moore went and did a documentary on life in the ghetto, however he was shot and hospitalized shortly there after.
Son, i been gagnsta since birth.

Guess that's cause yo G_nome
by dswag3636 January 24, 2007
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