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The GWARChive is a DVD released by the Thrash metal band GWAR.

This DVD contains 16 of the music videos that were released from the year 1990, all the way through the year 2001.
The music video's on this DVD (In Order from 2001-1990 and order on DVD) are:
1. Immortal Corruptor - 2001
2. Nitro-Burnin' Funny Bong = From the movie "It's $leazy - 2000
3. Fucking An Animal = This video was the censored version with farm animal noises replacing obscene words the song contained. - 1999
4. Don't Need A Man = This song was sung by "Slymenstra Hymen". - 1998
5. Penguin Attack - 1997
6. Surf Of Syn - = From the movie "Ragnarok" 1996
7. Meat Sandwhich = From the movie "Ragnarok" - 1996
8. Saddam A Go-Go - 1994
9. Jack The World - 1994
10. The Insidious Sililoquy Of Dr. Mr. Mrs. Prof. Skulhed Face = This was taken from the movie "Skulhed Face". - 1994
11. Have You Seen Me? = From the movie "Phallus In Wonderland" - 1992
12. Crack In The Egg = From the movie "Phallus In Wonderland" - 1992
13. Gor-Gor = From the movie "Phallus In Wonderland" - 1992
14. The Road Behind = From the movie "Phallus In Wonderland" - 1992
15. Sick Of You = From The Movie "Live From Antarctica" 1990
16. Cool Place To Park = From the Movie "Live From Antarctica" - 1990

The DVD also contains extra DVD content such as:

1. Audio Commentary from GWAR on each music video.
2. Outtakes from the Music Video "Immortal Corruptor".
3, Art and Photo Gallery. = Not a slideshow, but a merge of psychodelic colors and artwork with video inside of some of the spaces in between the artwork, shifts from different songs on the DVD as well.
4. Discography. = Announcer names all of the CD's that have songs related to the music videos. Such as "Violence Has Arrived" contains the song "Immortal Corruptor".
I just got the GWARChive DVD today.

I am going to go watch the GWARChive right now.
by A Twisted Illusion September 03, 2006
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