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Girl U Gon Think

1. A person who is funny or whos existence is funny
2. a funny situation

3. An exeptional piece of skill
4. A funny and true statement

The term was created in Uxbridge, West London and has now spread to other areas to create a descriptive term that the English language previously lacked.
1.Person 1- You know that Guch guy dont you?
Person 2- Ye i do , is he funny?
Person 1-oh yeah hes a complete Girl u gon think (GUGT)

2. It went from a standard night out in town to a full scale GUGT

3. Person 1- Did you see that bit of skill i did in football earlier?
Person 2- Yes I did , it was a brilliant bit of GUGT gameplay

4. Person 1- I would never tap that chick , she looks like a goat
Person 2- haha thats true , such a GUGT!
by robertolumaro December 30, 2011

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