A person on "Gta-Junkies.com", who is highly educated, and knows alot about The Game series Grand Theft Auto
That guy on GTA-Junkies.com, UglyBassLoser, is high educated and helped me alot on Grand Theft auto.
by UglyBassLoser April 02, 2005
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Top Definition
1. Person highly addicted to Grand Theft Auto series video games by RockStar, particularly GTA 3 and GTA Vice City.
2. On-line forum for GTA enthusiasts
"Zaibatsu is by far the best gang on the GTA Junkie forum."
by Thomas Vercetti Esq. December 17, 2003
is a person who plays GTA games and visits the ww.gta-junkies.com website every now and then. They have Video Walkthroughs and GTA Maps to help you out.

Also a thing called Role Play, which is fun.

Best GTA Junkie RPers: Flea, Jovan and RazorBr are the greatest RPers alive

#gta #junkie #website #role #play
by GTA-Junkies.com February 23, 2008
A group of persons or person who visits the GTA-Junkies Forum every day.
Look at that n00b on GTA-Junkies.
by NotUBL June 07, 2005
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