A group of bored KGV year 12 boys during a free came up with the phrase "GAY SEX NOW", which has developed into a statement used to portray excitement, disappointment or just pure boredom.
Ronald "Yo man I got so much work to do"
Rishi "GAY SEX NOW!"
by jrk March 30, 2005
Top Definition
GSN stands for Good Shit Nig, usually said when something good happens, or in agreement.
Louis: Wanna go Subway? Matt: GSN, let's go!
by Matt Spacepiratee January 15, 2010
The Network for Games. A cable network formerly known as the Game Show Network. It now airs some lame-ass reality programming such as "Kenny vs. Spenny", "Extreme Dodgeball", "Spy TV", "Average Joe", and plenty more.
Friends don't let friends watch GSN, The Network for Games!
by GSN Fighter October 03, 2004
GSN is short for Gay Sex Now. derived from a common expression - "gay!" but with "sex" added to express the extreme feelings. "now" is to show the importance of how 'gay' it is currently.
"wtf gsn!"
friend 1: damn we gotta go back to school
friend 2: are you serious?
friend 1: yeah i am
friend 2: what the hell?! gay sex now!
by ronald March 31, 2005
when in a game and you beat some new players or you just beat some really good players you can use this to say everything for you. while typing 3 letters. GSN (GET SPANKED NOOB) noob= new player
*you headshot a nub or a new player*
by {Ltd} sKiTTlEs November 05, 2006
Garbage Show Network. It used to stand for Game Show Network until 3/14/04.
Why is GSN airing reruns of that god-awful show "Dog Eat Dog"?
by GSN watcher July 02, 2005
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