Hag Dyke rulers, leaders, kick ass rocking people:

Rach, Carl, Jamie, Alex... Oh maybe....go on then....er...Tagg?? are these yours!?!?
Green team have won!....again
by Carlos December 23, 2004
Top Definition
group that needs the weed.
"hey guys, where outta bud"
by wootang September 13, 2005
A volunteer office committee dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of a company's employees. Green teams implement programs to purchase reusable dishes (vs disposable), coordinate e-waste recycling programs, organize creek clean-ups, advocate the "bottle pledge", etc. Green teams are often funded by small overhead budgets which fund lunches for committee members, the purchase of dishes, etc.
Hey, did you hear that the Green Team bought reusable dishes so that our office lunches don't fill up a small landfill every week!?
by Summer.Sumz March 18, 2008
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