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1. Shortened form of "그래도 안 생겨요 (Gu-rae-do An Saeng-gyeo-yo)" in Korean (taking the initials) meaning "you still won't get a girlfriend, no matter what". Popularized among Korean internet communities since 2010 or so.

2. Shortened form of "그러다 애 생겨요 (Gu-reo-da Ae Saeng-gyeo-yo)" in Korean meaning "You'll get a baby if you continue like that". Rarely used but as the two phrases share the same initials, meaning 2 is sometimes used for humor (as it's the complete reverse meaning compared to 1)
A: "One day I'll get a beautiful girlfriend and go out with her!"

Everyone, ASKY. (You won't get one!)
You thought one day you too will be able to make out with a pretty girl?
You had your hopes up in St. Valentines Day?
And what did you get?
by kimatg August 18, 2011
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