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A really ugly girl, one that has the face of a rottweiler chewing a wasp. Sometimes judged by actions as well as looks. See swampdonkey.
Look at that drunk-assed girl across the bar, god what a gravel-donkey!
by nerk0 November 30, 2004

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A girl with a face so Ugly that it looks like she has been hanging her head in shame like a donkey and it has been dragging along in the dirt!
Dammmm. Have a look at that Gravel-Donkey!!!
by The Bushman October 27, 2003
A really ugly woman, one who has a head and face like a donkey that's been dragged along gravel
That chick that Dougy picked up last night was a real gravel donkey.
by Markfcpt December 18, 2011