The visual personifacation of hip-hop. despite what most of the ill-informed probably middle-aged suburban white people think, graffiti is only limited to stickers (postals), tags (done with pilots, flowpen, krink, homemade markers, etc.), throw ups (aslo called throwies, and done in paint. they are usually just stylized bubble letters of the writters name with 3d or drop shadow), pieces (short for masterpieces, and also known as burners, these range from relativly simple, to intricate and complex designs, a style known as wildstyle. these pieces take hours to do and are considered the highest level of graffiti), and finaly charachters (cartoonish representations of the writters alter ego). Graffiti should not be confused with vandalism, which is instead crude marking or destruction, the aim of which is to cause damage to property, regardless of aethetic appeal. graffiti is just the opposite. IF GRAFFITI WASNT ART, THEN WHY WOULD WRITTERS SPEND HOURS AND HOURS SKETCHING AND PRACTICING IN SKETCHBOOKS? also, there are things that are considered off limits and non ethical, and are not to be touched. some of these things include
residential property (unless its the house of a writter that you know personally and have beef with)
churches or places of worship
cars (unless obviously abandoned)
These are only the basics and different writters may restrict themselves from other things.
Graffiti is 90% of the time NOT GANG RELATED. gangs, however, are not to be confused with crews. crews are a group of writters. thats it. theres no drugs or crime (othere than graffiti) involved with the crew. crews usually have initiations like tagging a police car, or getting up in an open space etc. crew names are usually three letter abbreviations like DFM, or PCK etc.
Again, the motivation for graffiti IS NEVER VANDALISM. if that is the motive, then it simply isnt graffiti. motivation varies from writter to writter, but is usually
respect as a writter
to see his own work
This is achieved by getting up. getting up is the act of getting your work up around the city. if you get up enough, your considered to be "all city", but this hardly happens. also, your art and style speaks for your reputation. for example, if your handstyle is wack, or your throwies drip (unintentionaly), or you go over better writters for no reason (no beef with them) then you may be considered toy. toy stands for Trouble On Your System, and is the lowest form of graffiti writter.
Graffiti doesnt have messages, unless its some kind of side quote next to a piece. messages of anarchy and rebellion are considered vandalism.
Stay up y'all.
(names are fictional urbandictionary editors!)
alex: hey joey, i drew a penis on this tools mailbox it waas sweet!
joey: cool alex! i wrote anarchy on my neighbors audi!

writter: stupid toys.
by Suke-one June 19, 2007
the only true way to define yourself.
woke up today fellin great cuase of the graffiti i did the otherday
by sweettagga March 24, 2007
(Off topic: I agree with Jawn, Long Live Graffiti Brotha'!)
Street Art usually Spray-Painted but can also be Brush Painted,etc. Any other kind of "art"(such as writing names,body parts,etc. on walls aren't art so that's what I'll call vandalism)that doesn't depict any kind of offending image or writing is the Hip-Hop art of Graffiti.

For all these years, people have been critisizing the meaning of Graffiti...some people called it Vandalizing(Usually the cops), others called it a "waste of wall space" and a couple few called it, just a waste of time and pointless(And by the few I mean like the "Gangsta'" Rappers like P. Diddy who actually helped the U.S. to be "Anti-Graffiti" in the Nation of America).

But like Jawn said, it's art, and art is not intended to be destroyed...but even though it's written on walls(Painted)doesn't mean they want to kill somebody.
Long Live Graffiti, the true art of the soul.
by P.I.M.P. November 06, 2004
A form of art that expresses an indevidual (writer).People commonly mistake all graffiti to be associated to gangs while around only 10% is by them. The artists are known as taggers, writers and they come up with monikers or names that describe themselves or just sound cool and they develope there own style into there art. Thats how taggers eventually become "kings" by having the freshest, unique style. This is not the only graffiti however. The common sayings on bathroom stalls and other places is also considered graffiti.For example "I was here" or certain poitical sayings or even cartoon characters scribed in.
That writers up around the whoe city. Hes a graffiti king
by natetherebel December 08, 2007
something started by punks to say F**k You society But later copied by the rest world to write whatever they want and make themselves look really cool Something alot of teens do to call themselves gangster.
Douche- hey yall seen me tag on the wall over ther i wrote lil shadow graffiti is gangsta

punk- F*ckin Society
by Chuck256 October 04, 2010
Vandalism committed by gangbangers and their suburban wannabes (Who never tag up their own neighborhoods because if their parents found out, they would take away the BMW) in my friggin' neighborhood using paint, scratching glass, poo, mud, etc.

Popularized in graffiti shows by shitheads like Mark Ecko and the crappy Scion toaster company who don't like graffiti in their own neighborhoods either. It was bad enough when it was gangs marking territory. Now there are overgrown little kids who crave attention and want their tag to show up on the news. Get your parents to buy you some canvas, or go cut yourself, or take ex and nitrous, or drugs, or whatever else you do for kicks, and just hurt yourself, and leave Richmond alone you wannabes.

Those cochinos think their graffiti is art, but it just makes my ghetto look more ghetto.
by ch00mp June 13, 2009
An application by Facebook in which people can create pictures and messages for their friends.
Dude, Shelli just graffitied that Mona Lisa chick on my graffiti. She has no life.
by Melly Belly July 14, 2008
Thoughtless, callous, and spiteful scribbling of a moronic, ugly, most often politically or artistically meaningless, and often illegible tag on public property, be it the sidewall of a residential apartment or the security grate of a storefront, done by witless adolescents who are hell-bent on keeping their ghetto neighborhood a shthole, or vindictively transforming more pleasant neighborhoods to such.
Gee, all that graffiti "art" makes the South Bronx look really nice, doesn't it? There's a real batch of fcking Michalangelo's at work down there. Write on your own sh!t, azzholes.
by slapfist February 20, 2008

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