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To bear an uncanny resemblance to Australian Idol star, Guy Sebastion.
Goks get all the ladies.
by mung May 07, 2004
God Only Knows - GOK .. !!!
x: hw to run d proj .. ??
y : GOK .... !!!!
by hunny loves winny October 14, 2007
1)the sound a female makes during intense deep throat oral sex.

2)the funniest thing to say at church. because no body knows what it means.
when she was deep throating, she was saying "gok" and i dont know what it means...
by brandon butler January 10, 2008
1) a bloke with an annoying accent who pretends to think everyone looks beautiful. Giving women false hope in thinkin that the nation wants to see them naked on TV!
2) an annoying person that you think is a complete twat
"awww, isn't tha girl really beautiful, even tho she's the size of a house!"
"Shut up you fucking Gok !"
by Me, Obviously July 10, 2008
A gok is a person who always thinks of himself in all situations. A gok is a person also being able to backstab or thief a close friend to gain advantage of it, most likely money. Never trust a gok, since they just care about themselfs and noone else. A gok is also known for just "falling in love" with beautiful and very sexy girls. An ugly/fat girl doesn't exist in a gok's world. A gok doesn't know what love is, he just wants to get laid and then leave the girl to find another one to get laid.
<Female1> My husband cheated on me last night!!
<Female2> What a gok!
by Anonymous666 September 12, 2006
Derivation of the word Goth, as used in the Goth and related subculture scene in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Used mostly as a replacement for the word goth, but has been know to cause discussion to its actual meaning and origins, which are known to be quite mundane and bizarre. Actually "invented" by a quite unlikely source.
Totally Gok to the max.
by Spreckles May 12, 2004
Gok is another word for the waste that comes out of your behind.
I have to do a gok.
by John-Joe-Paddy-John Hendrix April 21, 2009