To bear an uncanny resemblance to Australian Idol star, Guy Sebastion.
Goks get all the ladies.
by mung May 07, 2004
Top Definition
God Only Knows - GOK .. !!!
x: hw to run d proj .. ??
y : GOK .... !!!!
by hunny loves winny October 14, 2007
1)the sound a female makes during intense deep throat oral sex.

2)the funniest thing to say at church. because no body knows what it means.
when she was deep throating, she was saying "gok" and i dont know what it means...
by brandon butler January 10, 2008
Derivation of the word Goth, as used in the Goth and related subculture scene in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Used mostly as a replacement for the word goth, but has been know to cause discussion to its actual meaning and origins, which are known to be quite mundane and bizarre. Actually "invented" by a quite unlikely source.
Totally Gok to the max.
by Spreckles May 12, 2004
a word used to describe some one who looks/dresses like and has characteristics of a female. yet they try to maintain there masculinity by claiming they are not gay.

derives from Gok Wan("celebrity")
Gok Wan can also be used as the insult for maximum impact
"look at the state phil the gok!"

"Gok Wan, is a fu*king Gok Wan!"
by Luke T JE March 28, 2008

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