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1987 Buick GNX. The fastest accelerating car of the '80s. Faster than a Calloway Twin-Turbo 'Vette, a Porsche, or a Ferrari. Complete w/ high-tech, heavy-duty suspension, an a Turbo 6.
The '87 Buick just beat that '84 Porsche by half a second. Wow.
by Myajd jdg August 16, 2005
"The Grand Nationals to end all Grand Nationals." 547 of them were made and its just like a grand national, except Buick did everything they could without touching the engine to make it a full second faster than the grand national. Also known for its legendary suspension that some companies have tried to place on others turbo regals, but failed.
Too bad your rice burner isnt as fast as Moe's GNX #548
by Moe July 10, 2002
Placing one's legendary suspension in another's "regal."
I was so horney I gave her the GNX.
by Tom Sullivan March 23, 2003