Go Mean Green. University of North Texas fans might abbreviate "Go Mean Green" to be represented by a simple GMG.
by All About UNT March 11, 2012
Top Definition
an acronym for Guy Magnet Girl. a word used to describe a girl who naturally seduces men.
she is such a GMG! i always see her with different guys.
by thabk January 22, 2014
GMG is a Filipino expression which means "Google mo, gago!" It roughly translates to "Google it, you fool" and is an apt response to people who are asking about things where in fact, they can hit Google and do a simple search. Popularized by renowed journalist, poet, and jazz frontman Lourd de Veyra in a graduation speech he delivered in 2012.
Alice: Who's Jennifer Lawrence, by the way?

Bob: GMG!
by Beyond Good And Evil July 26, 2013
GMG as in Gagging Mafioso Grabbers
A term for copy cats in the software industry. Companies without visions that grab, mafia style grabbing.

O my, those gmg's copied us again.
by Bernt Schwinfliesh October 09, 2009
Roleplay (RP) oriented term. God-Modding Gary-Stu.


A perfect wannabe MALE character who is the best of the best, strongest of the strong, related to the most powerful or one of those super gorgeous emo vampires that wants no one but everyone wants them....

Yeah...that bullshit.

Counterpart to GMMS (God-Modding Mary-Sue)
One could say that Edward Cullen (Twilight) is a GMGS.
by IxHeartxWAR December 08, 2010
Good Morning Gaga. May be used instead of the more boring "Good Morning", Especially when addressing a fellow monster.
GMG! How is your Monday going?
by Nichoset July 13, 2010
gmg means geeze my god
kind of like oh my god but different...
GMG... No way, I can't believe it!
by Cassandra King February 21, 2008
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