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A mid-size crossover SUV that really pulls some ass. Manufactured by General Motors Company, the Terrain destroys all other vehicles and makes them look silly with its awesome power and beautiful design. Dudes and ladies alike get laid constantly while cruising around in one of these bad boys.
"Just got a new GMC Terrain so it looks like I'm going to pound town tonight!"
by Southside_Rog November 21, 2013
Basically a minivan GMC builds for women. They call it an an SUV to confuse girl men into buying them. It is slowly taking over the Volkswagen Jetta as the car of the homosexual.
Dude #1: Did you see Roger's new minivan?

Dude #2: yeah, it's a GMC Terrain. He's such a homo!
by Burt Diggler November 23, 2013
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