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A rare container used to hold beverages in minibars so as to make them difficult to replace.
Do you have Coke in a glass harmonica?
by Boots November 26, 2007
A musical instrument consisting of a number of glasses partially filled with water. The glasses are filled to different levels, hence the production of different notes when the player rubs their rims with a moistened finger. The sound thus produced has a haunting, otherwordly quality. It is most famously called for in the "Mad Scene" from the opera LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR by Donizetti, although that part is now usually played by a transverse flute.
Opera fan A: What's your favourite recording of LUCIA?
Opera fan b: The one with Beverly Sills, because it uses the original scoring for glass harmonica.
by djprobed September 14, 2006
what kind of sad weirdo looks this up for fun. by the way itis a musical instrument.
by gandal June 09, 2003
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