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Giesa--To Request aquasition of Object deriving from the ancient native scottish tongue, meaning give or pass pronounced "GEEZA"

Bawbag--Adjective used to describe person which resembles or acts in a manner which would replicate the behaviour of a Man's Scrotum, scottish origin,
Giesa--Can you GIESA stapler over, can you GIESA minute, can you GIESA some peace. Look i have asked you before GIESA Pencil over

Bawbag--Shut up you Bawbag, No danger you Bawbag, I have had enough of that Bawbag,
by Scott + Kev October 11, 2007
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an often urban male with a large penis, drug habbits, and a true addiction to internet pornography.
kid: hey, stan wont put his penis away, stop smoking that crack, or stop looking at jenna jamison videos!
mark: your such a giesa!
by heystopsuckingmydick August 30, 2007
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