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A person who is usually a reservist or part of a national guard unit, who attempts to avoid deployment by any means necessary. Thereby, making him or her equivalent to a civilian Jody who wants to enjoy the perks of staying at home and not serving his or her country in their fullest capacity.
John transferred out of his national guard unit into the air national guard to get out of deployment. What a GI Jody.
by VinceyB702 October 27, 2009
The gi Jody is the act of a service member having intercourse with a civilians girlfriend.
The gi Jody cannot be performed by reservist, natty guards, or coasties.
Soldier #1: bro, this weekend was great, I hooked up with this girl who was dating this punk rock bassist
Soldier #2: that's an epic gi Jody bro, hooah
by thesoldierbob June 19, 2013
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