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Used in conjuction with the verb to "GH", or to play the video game Guitar Hero. The GH'er is the person(s) currently playing the game. The person must also be competent enough to play on hard or expert to be a true GH'er. Can be used in many verb forms.
"So CJ are you GH'ing later?"

"Dude with that guitar in your hand you look like a straight GH'er"
by John Bloemker March 01, 2008
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It's a Farsi (Persian) word for using your hips seductively while dancing.
She has a lot of gher in her hips waiting to pour out.
by Mahban Gher Ryude December 20, 2012
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Dutch way of saying awesome. Any positive adjective can be replaced by ghers and if the object of discussion sucks you may very well say it's aghers.
- Where'd you get this weed man? It's so fucking ghers
- Mark is scratching his bum, what an aghers thing to do
by Robin and Nadine January 15, 2008
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