Giant Global Graph (GGG) was notably used the first time by the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, on his blog.

Tim Berners-Lee thinks about the social network itself that is inside and between social-network Web sites such as Facebook. He assumes that people can use the word "Graph" to distinguish these from the "Web". Then he says that, although he called this graph the Semantic Web, maybe it should have been called the "Giant Global Graph".
"GGG" has been used several times by Berners-Lee and by others in other blogs. GGG may be described as the content plus pointers of the WWW transitioning to content plus pointers plus relationships plus descriptions.
Nerd: Dude who needs the world wide web when you can have the Giant Global Graph!

Brother: Get a life. GGG stands for good, giving, and game. Like my girlfriend...
by tango23 July 12, 2009
The grouping of three "Gangstas" . Originating in small towns.
Jimmy- WOW! Who are those cool cats?
Alfred- I have no flipping idea!
Suzy- DUH! It's the GGG!
by GGGfoLyfe June 02, 2010
The Gallant Ghetto Gangstas, a dubstep group consisting of three wonderful music producers. This group resides in South Vermont and New Hampshire.
by tha third G June 27, 2011
Giggle Giggle Giggle: This is a replacement for the overused lol for Laughing Out Loud. This is used when lol (Laughing Out Loud) is just a bit too strong for the comment, but you are really giggling inside or outside.
The comments my friend were making made me ggg
by jaylcee October 29, 2010
Good Good Good
I think this is self explanatory!
hey, this IRC chat is GGG let's go on 2 meters. propagation is great!
by binfordman June 15, 2008
Gay Guy Group. Usually Defines an asshole no one likes or a group of homosexual men.
Bob: Hey Chuck, did you hear Larry was going around offering BJ's to guys?
Chuck: Yeah, he's probably a GGG member
by VOnyx March 29, 2008
"Gay Ghetto Garbage" -- male homosexuals residing in extreme urban areas and inner cities (e.g., Bronx, NY) who refuse to seek education or employment, use and sometimes sell illicit narcotics but almost always marijuana, remain on public assistance; live off obese females (pretending to be heterosexual) or other (usually white) homosexuals in exchange for sexual favors. GGG usually resides with groups of GGG and are always in arrears on rent. They also live with an unwed mother and multiple half-siblings often in public housing.

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