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A phrase that is commonly used in a belitting fashion. The phrase was coined in response to a certain kid, Rutzman, who habitually does retarded things. The "GG" is said to bring shame to a certain person, however, when adding the "Rutz" after, the phrase multiplies its disparaging connotation.
Rutzman tried macking on some chicks yesterday. GG Rutz.
by Ben Akins February 05, 2005

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This expression is used most commonly when a person, or group of persons, does such an act deemed unintellegent by people with an SAT score of 870 or lower. (This also requires at least one ugly red-headed kid in the group. See Rutzman).
Tom Rutz punted the football into the neighborhoods mercedes, GG Rutz...
by Ben Akins January 31, 2005