Is an organized crime based out of Chicago. Co chairman Ike Taylor and Aubrey Beasley started with the well known chairman Hoover. Now has an empire of over 6 million strong and 4 billion strong in revenue.
Im not a blackstone or vicelord.Im a GDN
by GREGORY ''SHORTY ''G'' SHIELDS August 06, 2007
Top Definition
A 3 years old videogames internet group, where spanish, latin, and overall random people talk about moronic topics, bad videogames, answer random questions, and spam.
It has its own wiki, chat room, and forum.
Has nothing to do with that BAWLIIIIN gangsta group.
They like to play halo..... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!
Yes men, if you want to be a gamer (ebermeeed) (Token black member of the GDN)
by Shigeru Miyamoto San April 12, 2011
The ficticious group created by the legends of mackie academy. GDN stands for Go Die Natasha, we created this group because Natasha has stolen one of our (ex) best friends and turned him into a cocky sex-crazed twat.
do you want to join the GDN?
by Simon Hine March 08, 2008
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