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Definiton 1:

when you get explodeded into millions of gibs and stuff but u have time to talk and what u say is GABBLAAAHHH. Most noticable in Quake 3 arena cuz its leet (1337) and there's people that go GABBLAAAHHH! when they die its really funny. they dont actually say this in the chat thing its just the noise some of them make when they fall off the edge of a map and die.

Dfinition 2:

The sound you SHOULD make when you get made fun of and it makes people go "what?!?!?!" then u have time to get on ur phone and call all off you obscenely large muscled friends to come beat the crap out the nubz who are making fun of u.
Definiton 1 example:

Guy1: just shot a rpg
Guy2: has been exploded

Definiton 2 example:

LameKid: *gets puched in stomach*
DumbPrepJocks: WTF?!?!?!
DumbPrepJocks: *try to figure out what they are doing at the moment cuz there all retarded and need a therapist to tell them whats happening*
LameKid: *calls obscenely buff friends*
BuffFriends *beat up Dumb Prep Jocks*
by ReptarRAWRRAWRRAWR February 21, 2009
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