Benny likes bangin' G.R.I.T.S. because they have more of a homely charm.
by IAMTHETERMINATOR! April 25, 2010
Top Definition
Girls Raised in The South
A Female raised in the southern part of the US
a female raised in Tennasee
by Jon December 24, 2003
As a male who was raised in the South myself, I have to say that I have never actually met a prototypical GRITS, which is to say that it is not an authentic concept in my experience. It is instead a stereotypical image of the prissy, wealthy, flighty Southern belle that is promulgated by marketers who want to make money from it. A GRITS is a character in a Walt Disney movie, and an insult to a real woman from the South.
Julia Sugarbaker, the female lead character on "Designing Women", was a G.R.I.T.S.
by Georgia Boy April 29, 2006
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