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Government Owned Vehicle as opposed to POV (Privately Owned Vehicle)
Airman: Lets take the GOV to the BX.

NCO: No, that's bad news, lets take my POV.
by dan enright April 07, 2004
79 10
Get On Vent - acronym- used in a text message or IM to a friend asking them to get on ventrilo,
Tom "GOV"
Jerry "Ok, I'm connecting now"
by n3wcrazzz January 18, 2011
17 5
/Jee-Oh-Vee/; Noun
1. A government employee that has been in long enough that he/she does not have to do a damn thing.

/Jee-Oh-Vee/; Verb
1. To perform an action is a flagrant, uncaring, or lax way; To not be serious or cerncerned about being serious
2. To waste money, preferably tax payer, in a flippant way
Contract worker: Seriously, i'm getting fired??
Government supervisor: He's a GOV so I have no choice but to pay him instead of the people doing the work...sorry, maybe they will let you return your new car.

Yo, i'm a GOV so they can't fire me even if I AM readin the newzpaper at my desk all day.

Yo, I just GOV'd that round of Black Ops...I just walked around like a noob and got capped like 100 times.

My girl GOV's dick that time so I made her give me head two times again!!
by EngineerGuy November 26, 2012
2 1
Gov is a short form for government. It's 2 chars shorter than the old "govt." with a period or one shorter than "govt" without a period. It should be pronounced long form, as "governmment". It's used in this exact way on Twitter. On micro-blogs, every character counts, hence dropping the t and period from govt.
From Twitter: I think we have, along with our own gov's manipulators, people paid by parties, volunteers for Rush, etc.
by Chuck Baggett February 25, 2014
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short form for goverment or politicians.
weed is illegal yet g.o.v. still sells liquor.
by West Orlando February 11, 2004
8 65