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sabke tatte phod dene chahiye
by eer,bir,phatte ke bade bade tatte October 04, 2003

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disgusting gote grime grimey sick
Acronym-Grime Of The Earth
Question- what did you eat for lunch today?
Response- Triple Bacon Cheeseburger Combo, supersized.
Reply- That's G.O.T.E!
by Ross Chasez September 27, 2006
a cigarette. originated from the spelling of stoge, but backwards. also known as "gote stick"
holla at me nigga let me get a gote stick
by J NOISE November 10, 2006
Lund ke neeche jo latakte hain use gote kehte hain
Tere baap ko gote hain , tujhe hain aur tere dada ko bhe the. Gote ki chutney bana aur teri maa ko khila