GOP: Godly Orthodox Party

"Orthodox" means "right-teaching" and within the context of the GOP refers to the right-wing base of the larger Republican Party which is as a whole more conservative than orthodox. The right-wing base includes the whole "religious right", but is made up mainly of the "Christian right". Many people mistakely believe the Republican Party and the GOP are the same and on many levels it does appear that way since it can often be difficult to understand the constant flux of political alliances and postering within the parties, but the Republican Party is the larger "umbrella" party which covers many of the looser coalitions which are often only active during election years.
I registered as a Republican to reach out to more allies, but I'm actually with the GOP.
by Rev. Thomas S. Painter (R) May 18, 2006
abbreviation of the term 'gop chop', originates from an area in Greater Manchester known as Daisy Hill. The gop is an offensive strike similar to a karate chop when struck on the back of the neck. Was named after the owner of a local shop; Mr Goppowallafadji...?
Stop it or I'll gop you
by anon April 11, 2005
Grand Old Party
Another name for the Republican party. Often used as a shorthand.
Founded in 1854 as an anti-slavery party. Today stands for lower taxes, smaller and less intrusive government, and a strong national defense.
Ya down wit GOP? Yeah, you know me!
by Vrook September 18, 2007

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