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(1) Gut over Pussy. (2) Gut over Penis
Ewwwwwwwwww she has GOP!!!!
by nipper November 28, 2006
This is an Afrikaans word used in South Africa. When someone has a bad case of nasal drip and the excess 'drip'/phlegm is sucked into the mouth cavity with force and then spat out. The result of this activity lying on the ground for some unsuspecting person to step in, is called 'gop'.
Watch that you don't step in the gop!
by Yolandi January 19, 2007
really known as "grand old party"... however being that the politics are mostly senior citizens i consider it as "Gay Old People" or "Gay Old Person" when trying to insult someone...
Yo, President Bush should be GOP of the decade!!
by Abel Luna May 19, 2008
Abbreviation for "Gay on paper." A straight person that has all the characteristics of being gay.
I know he has a girlfriend, but he works as an interior designer and loves musicals! He's totally GOP.
by Josh April 12, 2005
GOP simply stands for: Game Of Pro (Pro evolution soccer).
Yo Wakesh, fancy a gop?
by Martin White September 03, 2008
A word meaning, qiute litrally, everything. Sometimes mistaken for the Republican party abbreviation, GOP is a unique, fun word. The word can be used for any part of speech and its meaning can only be interpreted by a High Prophet or by context clues.
NOTE: GOP may only be used once in a sentence to avoid rewriting necessary paradoxical laws that govern the universe.
Look, a GOP!
Dude, I GOPped him.
GOP that, I'm outta here.
by ScOtT March 21, 2005
GOP: Godly Orthodox Party

"Orthodox" means "right-teaching" and within the context of the GOP refers to the right-wing base of the larger Republican Party which is as a whole more conservative than orthodox. The right-wing base includes the whole "religious right", but is made up mainly of the "Christian right". Many people mistakely believe the Republican Party and the GOP are the same and on many levels it does appear that way since it can often be difficult to understand the constant flux of political alliances and postering within the parties, but the Republican Party is the larger "umbrella" party which covers many of the looser coalitions which are often only active during election years.
I registered as a Republican to reach out to more allies, but I'm actually with the GOP.
by Rev. Thomas S. Painter (R) May 18, 2006