Gullible Old People
Older people who watch Fox News tend to be GOP.
by librarian007 March 29, 2015
Synonyms: KKK Republican Conservative

1.)Grand Old Party, Rebublicans
2.)Stock Brokers, Southerners, Big Buisness Managers, Alchoholics, White People and the richest 1% of Americans
3.)A little over half of US citizens
4.)People who want to preseve Naziism
Nigger 1:The damn GOP ain't gonn give my baby's momma social security!
Nigger 2:What the fuck is Social Security?
Nigger 1: I don't give a fuck. My baby's momma wants me to snipe him out when he's pissin. He pisses right next to a window.
Nigger 2: You oc nigga
by Chris March 12, 2005
1. God’s Own Party
2. Gay Old Party
3. (USA) A racketeering crime syndicate that fronts as a political party.
“Today’s GOP is more suitable for the likes of Lincoln Rockwell that it is for Abraham Lincoln.” anonymous ex-member of the GOP
by A. Hick July 25, 2006
Grand Ole Pedophiles.
or Gay Ol'Pedos

Another name for Mark Foley's party.

The GOP (Republican) said that Mark Foley's invitation to sexual innuendos were not illegal, and therefore covering their asses so the GOP's reign would continue.

Only the GOP would assign a pedophile for the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

However, if a Democrat or anyother party (if any) would have a major scandal and would force the entire party to resign.
Michael J: Let's vote republican! Let's vote for the GOP!
by damn damn danno October 06, 2006
Acronym for Gay Old Pedophiles.
Senator Foley is a proud member of the GOP.
by bleedingfetus October 04, 2006
Refers to Republican Party and the way they turn things around and bullshit.
I'll take the GOP approach and tell my bitch I'm a one lady man though I'm on the DL.
by Simon October 14, 2004
really known as "grand old party"... however being that the politics are mostly senior citizens i consider it as "Gay Old People" or "Gay Old Person" when trying to insult someone...
Yo, President Bush should be GOP of the month!!
by Abel Luna May 19, 2008

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