also the republican party
the GOP are a bunch of dumb ass idiots
by Krisy June 25, 2006
1. acronym for Grand Old Party (USA Republican Party)
2. also happens to be an acronym for Greek Orthodox Person
1. girl1: so she's republican?

girl2: yeah, she's a member of the GOP

2. girl1: are you christian?

girl2: yeah i'm a GOP
by mtothea85 November 29, 2009
Acronym for the Grand Old Party or the Republican party. The republican party was founded by anti-slavery expansion activists in 1854.
Abraham Lincoln Was a member of the GOP
by Politgiest June 10, 2012
Goldman's Own Party
GOP: A Party off the Wall Street, by the Wall Street and for the Wall Street. Hell bent on blocking the Financial Regulation so that the fraudsters at Goldman and other Wall Street banks can further rob the common people.
by Screwed Citizen April 29, 2010
giant orgy party
"You, me, dylan, rebecca. GOP after the dance, what do you say?" "ew no creep!!"
by emjaynillz November 12, 2009
Formed originally from the word goop but was misspelled. Thus the word gop was formed. Used to express more joy than the word "goop" but instead, it is said in a normal voice rather than a high-pitched one. Sometimes the suffix -er is added to turn the expression into a noun.
1. "Hey, you down for the club tonight?" "Gop."

2. "What's up?" "Nothing much, you little gopper."
by Erock1011 July 13, 2011
The Grand Old republican Party who are Gnarling Overbearing Pettifoggers a.k.a. the gops.
Hey, if you're not careful the gops will be after you for telling the truth.

Don't trust the gops, they want to control your brain so that they can control the world.

In a world full of truths the gops are there to lie up the place.
by thinkingblue May 11, 2011

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