The ignorant GOP base prattles on about "small gubmint" and "more freedom" as they try to control every vagina in the country.

They are so small gubmint minded that they desire to control the outcome of every US pregnancy under penalty of law.

They want government so small that it fits into a woman's womb.
by GOPBulletsForJesusAndOil October 15, 2012
1. acronym for Grand Old Party (USA Republican Party)
2. also happens to be an acronym for Greek Orthodox Person
1. girl1: so she's republican?

girl2: yeah, she's a member of the GOP

2. girl1: are you christian?

girl2: yeah i'm a GOP
by mtothea85 November 29, 2009
Goldman's Own Party
GOP: A Party off the Wall Street, by the Wall Street and for the Wall Street. Hell bent on blocking the Financial Regulation so that the fraudsters at Goldman and other Wall Street banks can further rob the common people.
by Screwed Citizen April 29, 2010
Good on Paper. The kind of guy every girl should go for. Established, family oriented, loving, teddy bear cute, etc.
Girl, why don't you go for the GOP? He'd treat you right!
by Femalesheep January 20, 2016
Formed originally from the word goop but was misspelled. Thus the word gop was formed. Used to express more joy than the word "goop" but instead, it is said in a normal voice rather than a high-pitched one. Sometimes the suffix -er is added to turn the expression into a noun.
1. "Hey, you down for the club tonight?" "Gop."

2. "What's up?" "Nothing much, you little gopper."
by Erock1011 July 13, 2011
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