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A type of drug made out of the extracts of fementation in beer and comes other substances known as Geff, Jeff and Gell. All encorperated by FrankiCo™
Gef gives the person that takes it an Hallucination and makes them feel like they are invincible..
Gef has several side affect including blindness, loss of hearing and cancer.
Gef is found as a black powder, and cannot be taken on planes (it explodes under pressure).
1.Dude...this geff loves me....yum...im a jive turkey...got to take more...

2. NOOOO!..dont take the GEF on the PLANE!!! BOOOOOOMMM!!!!
by James from FrankiCo January 12, 2005

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Good Enough to Fuck
"Yo dude what do you think about that girl over there...I cant tell if she is hott or not..."

"Eh idk either she is def a G.E.F. though."
by Captain Big Cock January 08, 2010