GBA MOBB a gang out of MARYLAND that originally was a graffiti "crew" but then became a feared street gang with branches threwout the world.
Their color is grey bandanas.The only gang in maryland that wears grey bandanas as their signifying mark.
The name has many meanings such as Graffiti Bombin' Assassins Make Others Bleed Badly,Greatness Beyond All,Giving Beatdowns Anonymous,Gang Bangin' Assassins etc etc

They are multiracial and their founder is still the supreme leader.

They have strongholds in Riverdale,MD and Annapolis,MD where they are the prodimenent gang.
by LORD BEANO June 06, 2011
Giving Beatdowns Anonymous MOBB.A gang out of MARYLAND that was originally a graffiti crew.Original meaning was Graffiti Bombin' Assassins but has now expanded into a worldwide criminal enterprise.G.B.A. MOBB has endless meanings for its initials including Greatness Beyond All,Grey Bandana's Allday,Gang Bangin' Allday etc. etc.
The color of this gang is grey bandanas hence one of the meanings for the secretive initials.
by SHOCK-C June 02, 2011

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