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Go Fuck a Goat.

or, to procreate with a goat.
"Man, that guy just needs to G. F. A. G."

Why are you talking in acronyms? And yes, he does.
by Risky Plissken December 22, 2008
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GFAG is an acronym for "Go Fuck a Goat."
Example 1
Guy:Hey Brian I hate your donkey shirts!
Brian:Psh, whatever. GFAG.

Example 2
Guy:Brian! Stop Singing!
Brian:GFAG! *continues to sing
by that's not stuff marideth October 02, 2007
30 18
GFAG means GO Fuck A Goat!
Go Fuck A Guy
guy 1: GFAG man!
guy 2: Maybe i will!
by gatorchopps June 04, 2007
8 4