G-unot is a term used to describe the gay rappers belonging to G-unit. the word G-unot stands for GUERILLA U Not.This term was created by The Game to describe his dislike of b*tch and snitch, 50 F*cking cent. by doing this, Jayceon Taylor( The Game) has launched a worldwide assault on the world's biggest snith, fifty cent. All the members of G-unit are f*gs especially that old nigga Tony Yayo aka Tony Mayo aka Tony Gayo. fifty cent's carreer is run by beef, ex. Ja-rule, Fat joe, Jadakiss, Nas, and of course, The Game.
50 critized Ja-rule for singing in his music, yet later on, after Ja-rule died out, f*cking 50 cent started singing in his music.
for example: ''window shoppa''; ''best friend.''

so, it's Blackwallstreet for life: GGGGGGG-UNOT
by Yung Teqniq May 12, 2006
a word to describe those dumb ass bitches from g-unit who snich on people and send people to jail because they think that they shot that faggot 50 cent but with all the people telling on him there's no way of telling. it also tells how tony gayyo was in protective custody for telling on people because hes a bitch to and olivia... that bitch is a man even though she wont admit it and and it tells us how 50 cent a.k.a bitch ass faggot likes to suck lloyde banks and young bucks dick by smiling like a donut.
hate it or love it under dogs on tope and he go and tell and go running to the cops go ahead snitch on me im raps M V P and i aint going no where so they can come and get me

G G G G G-unot
by Travis pogue June 21, 2006
A phrase used by the game after he was " kicked out " of G-Unit.The two rappers are still beefin' even thought they " made up" at summer jam. They didnt really make up. They gave each other dap and 50 whispered in games ear like charles bronson.
some uses of G-Unot are:

" You sell records for the GGG-UNOT"
"I guess my G-Unot tattoo was a smart move cuz in the end u lost 100 mil to a cartoon"
by Str8OuTTaCaLi August 04, 2006
a group who is full of rats. they won't help any one if they think it is'nt convenient. They think tey thugz but they're not be cause they put their tail between their legs and hide behind N.Y.P.D. THE GAME IS THE PERSON WHO CREATED G-UNOT. He is the best rapper known around.He sold the most records for G-unit and the fags from G-Unit kicked him out in return.
..Rumor has it they like their chicks w/ no tits, uugh... they like to have sex with two dicks and no bitch...(D-BLOCK feat. THE GAME, Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (remix), Ghostunit Album, G-Unot)
by Benjamin Garcia January 31, 2006
A call used to proclaim someone being a faggot a straight up herb ass busta!
Yo fuk u fuk ya moms G-G-G-G-G-UNOT!
by ASK 4 June 19, 2007
G-Unot is a term commonly used by The Game, The Black Wallsteet, or fans of The Game. Its used to describe how G-Unit is fake and false in being Gangsta.
Ask 50, it get lonely on top
You can hate me or love me, but now the cops the only homies he got
When it's beef we eat, we win, but we ain't lonely we pop
You sell records but a GGG-UNOT!
Acting big on the radio, to me you not
by Jonny G. January 16, 2006
a fagott group started by a faggot for a faggot reason!
G.A.M.E O.V.E.R!!
fuck g-unot!
by todd king September 16, 2007

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